100% Wool.

100 % You.

100% Wool. 100% You.

Stitch Please™

100% Wool Chunky

#5 Bulky Weight ● 100g ● 120yds

Stitch Please™

100% Wool Worsted

#4 Worsted Weight 100g ● 220yds

Stitch Please™

100% Superwash Chunky

#5 Bulky Weight ● 100g ● 106yds

Stitch Please™

100% Superwash Worsted

#4 Worsted Weight ● 100g ● 220yds

Just Let Me Stitch, Please!

Life can be hectic sometimes and all we want to do is just pick up our yarn and start stitching! The ultimate form of self-care, knit and crochet can be stress relieving and calming. When you do find precious time to create, you want to make sure you are using a high quality yarn that makes gorgeous garments that will last for years to come. With Stitch Please™, you can create warm and cozy 100% wool projects that show off your unique personality. Best of all, it comes at an affordable price.

You Got This!

Caring for your wool garment is easier than you think. Click here for some care tips!

Au Naturel

When it comes to mindful creating, choose natural fibers to create "slow fashion" garments and accessories.

Power of Wool

Naturally insulating wool stays warm when wet which makes it great in the cold, snow, or rain.

Your New Favorite Yarn

With 100% wool, a wide range of colors, and a great price point, Stitch Please™ is the perfect yarn for your next project.

The only question is, what gorgeous creation will you make?

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