How to Care for Your Handmade Wool Garments

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Washing Your Wool Garments

Handmade wool garments and blankets are cherished items that need a little extra TLC. With proper care, your handmade items will last for years and years, making wool yarn perfect for heirloom projects.

Wool items benefit from less washing and should only be cleaned once or twice a season. Most wool items should be handwashed as machine washing can cause shrinkage. Refer to the yarn label for washing instructions. Some blends of wool may be machine washable, such as superwash wool, while others will do best with handwashing.

Wool clothing does not need to be washed after each wear. To limit the need for washing, follow these tips:

  • Wear a light shirt under your sweater to protect it from body odors
  • Freshen your sweater by hanging it outside for 30 mintues to reduce food and smoke smells
  • Spot clean small stains

Get detailed step-by-step washing instructions here. (credit: The Spruce)

Superwash vs Regular Wool

Superwash wool maintains the many thermoregulating benefits of wool but allows for easier care. The additional processing that superwash undergoes allows the wool to be machine washable which will prevent it from felting. Also, many people that are sensitive to wool find superwash softer and less scratchy.

Winding Your Yarn

Spinning Wool Steps

Some of our yarns come in the form of a hank. When beginning a project with a hank, it is best to wind the ball before starting. There are many ways to do this. You can use a swift, a ball winder, or even the old fashioned way of using a friend's hands. The bonding time is a plus!


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