Terms & Conditions

The Premier Point Rewards Program is the best way to be rewarded for your purchases.

It's FREE to join, and every dollar spent earns points that get you closer to great discounts.

Please Note: 

Rewards are subject to change and cannot be redeemed for cash value.

You must also create an account and activate it with your email, to start redeeming points. 

When creating your account you will receive an activation email to activate your account. Again if you do not activate it you will be unable to redeem points until it is. If you didn't receive an email please contact customerservice@premieryarns.com.



How to Earn Rewards:

Click "Rewards" on the navigation bar.

Wait for the popup, then Click on "Ways to Earn"

As you accumulate points, they can be redeemed for gift cards (see below).

Please Note: Rewards are subject to change and cannot be redeemed for cash value. 

 500 Premier Points

 1,000 Premier Points

 2,500 Premier Points

Flexible options to spend accumulated points (over 500)


How to Redeem Points

Click on "Rewards" in the navigation bar and sign in.



Click on "Your Rewards"


 You will then see all available rewards. Click on the reward you would like to redeem. Follow instructions on the screen.


Once you have your gift card code, you can apply it in the "Gift Card" bar at checkout.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my birthday?

In order to add your birthday, Log into your account. Click on "ways to earn."

Then click, "Edit Date" and enter your birthday

Why can't I see points for orders I've previously placed?

If your order was placed before our rewards program began (January 2017), unfortunately we cannot reward points for this. 

Why didn't I receive points for ____?

Although our program is supposed to automatically add points to your account, sometimes technical errors happen. Please contact CustomerService@PremierYarns.com  for any questions on point earning discrepancies.

Do my points ever expire?

Currently, points expire after 12 months of point inactivity. Customer points will expire each day on a rolling basis if they have not earned or spent points within 12 months.

My order was refunded or cancelled. Do I still get points?

Automatically, points are subtracted from orders that are refunded or cancelled. However, if your order was partially refunded due to quality issues, then we will honor these points on a case by case basis.

Can I redeem my points for cash?

No, points can only be redeemed for the discounts shown above.

I placed an order, but I never obtained any points from it?

You must have an account with premier yarns and activate it with your email to generate points for any order you place after creating your account.



 *Program membership eligibility to individuals 18 and older. Additional terms and conditions may be found HERE including program termination. 

**Points earned for dollars spent excludes shipping and tax fees.