Package Protection

Our package protection is optional. However, without purchasing the protection, Premier Yarns will not be liable for any lost, or damaged packages.

If you have purchased package protection the following policies apply.


All claims must be submitted within the following date ranges for each topic. International orders may take 1 - 3 weeks longer depending on the country, before you file your claim please be mindful of the additional days.


Packages presumed to be lost in transit must be filed no sooner than 7 days after the last tracking update (21 days for international orders) and within 30 days from the last carrier update.


Within 3 days after the delivery confirmation.

Delivered but not recieved

Must wait 48 hours after the stated delivery date and make the claim within 10 days from the stated delivery.

All claims filed outside of these dates ranges will be denied.

Damaged Items

Damaged box claims will need photographic evidence. All claims without substantial photographic evidence provided will be denied. All images will be closely scrutinized and any suspicions of digital alterations will result in the denial of the claim.

Minor damage to yarn label will not be covered.

Minor damage to yarn bag's will not be covered.

Lost Items

If a package has been lost in transit or improper delivery is suspected, a conclusive investigation with the shipping courier will commence and have to subsequently conclude before reimbursement is given.

The package will be covered if carrier lost the package or has no scan at delivery address.

Any packages abandoned at customs or at pickup locations will not be covered.

Any items lost due to incorrect address submissions will not be covered.

Other Stipulations

Undesired yarn color, style, feel will not be covered.

Late packages due to carrier delays will not be covered.

Filing chargebacks with your payment provider will void your package protection plan.


All item(s) and colors(s) that are available will be shipped immediately. If we do not have the item or specific color then we will provide you credit amount with a digital gift card. Gift cards do not expire and can be used online.

All clearance and final sale items are not guaranteed to have replacement color or item as they are not replenished.

Filing your Claim

Please contact us here. within the specified times above, and with all revelant information and evidence requested above. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.