Are Premier® Chameleon Yarns Safe?

Premier® Chameleon yarns have been tested by the independent lab SGS  for over 30 harmful substances and have been certified NOT to contain harmful levels of azo dyes* or heavy metals**.    Full test results are available HERE .


*Test Method: ISO 14362-1:2017 that describes a method to detect the use of certain azo colorants that may not be used in the manufacture or treatment of certain commodities made of textile fibers and that are accessible to reducing agent with and without extraction.

**Test Method: EN 16711-2:2015 that determines metal content and metals extracted by acidic artificial perspiration solution.

Does the yarn go back to white when not exposed to the sun or UV light?

Yes. The yarn will gradually turn back to white when not exposed to the sun or UV light.

I Noticed that the Yarn Has an Odor

Premier® Chameleon yarns are washed in scented soap during the manufacturing process to counteract the UV dye that is used. As a result, you may notice an odor when you open your package. We recommend letting the yarn air out until the odor dissipates.  We have adjusted our washing process to correct the issue. If the odor is bothersome, please contact our Customer Service Department.


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