Premier® Chameleon™ is the perfect yarn for stitching in the sun! This 100% cotton, DK weight yarn changes from white to a fun color when exposed to sunlight (or other UV light source). It is a great yarn for adding some excitement to accessories or garments, for kids and grownups!

Watch the color changing magic!

With Premier® Chameleon™, our new color changing yarn, the project possibilities are endless. Use it like any other yarn to make accessories, sweaters, and more. Then wait to see everyone's surprise when you step outside in your "white" sweater and it changes to a different color!
This yarn is great for color blocking and can even be mixed with other yarns such as Premier Hipster Cotton or Premier Cotton Sprout to create a unique project

Click the image to see the change in color

2014-01 White to Pink

2014-05 White to Yellow

2014-06 White to Purple

2014-08 White to Pink Multi

2014-10 White to Yellow Multi

2014-11 White to Purple Multi

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