Anti-Pilling Everyday® Bobbin™ is not just a yarn – It’s a yarn with endless possibilities.
We’ve combined 3 colorways into each Bobbin that coordinate perfectly together to create unique projects. You think about what you’d like to create and let the yarn do the rest!

What makes this yarn unique is that it has a patent pending packaging design – no one else has it! Each color is an independent strand of #4 medium weight, lightly plied to make your projects super soft. The yarn is made from 100% Anti-Pilling acrylic and is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. Great for blankets, kid’s clothing, scarves and hats!

Each Bobbin has a sturdy wide base and hollow core – perfect for tools and notions storage! PLUS - easy yarn organization – with separate notches for each strand on both ends of the Bobbin to keep your yarn from getting tangled in storage!

Three Weights of Yarn in One Bobbin

1 Strand

Use one strand for your worsted weight projects.

2 Strands

Use two strands together for your bulky weight projects.

3 Strands

Use three strands together for your super bulky weight projects.

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