A word from the Maker:

"My name is Jennifer Rivera, and I am your yarn host on Cinnamon Stitches Crochet. I am 40 years old, married and have 2 beautiful children. I learned to Crochet, through YouTube videos about 3 years ago. Although, I was first exposed to crochet when my mother tried to teach me in my younger years. I started my own YouTube channel last year, as a way of showing off my favorite yarns. In the process, I have become a part of an amazing community of creators and yarn artists."

The week of 5/18 Cinnamon Stitches Crochet will be showcasing her favorite Premier Yarns.

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Elena Wrap made with Premier Bloom® Yarn

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Macaron Cowl made with Premier® Muir Woods Yarn

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Shell Lace Scarf made with Premier Anti-Pilling Everyday® DK Yarn

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