Anti-Pilling Club Maker Spotlight

Here at Premier®, we love engaging with our club members to see their creations, learn more about who they are, and what inspires them. Our APC Club Maker Spotlight series highlights our club members and their passion for anti-pilling yarn.


Q: Who are you?

I work as a program and operations manager for a nonprofit, serve on the board of directors for a youth center and I crochet - a lot. I make things to give away primarily afghans, scarves and hats. Last year, I started my blog, Crochet Maven, to connect with other crocheters and knitters who make things to give away [to charities]. Crochet Maven also allows me to stop inundating my friends with lots of pictures of crocheted items in my social media feeds.  This year (2019) is my sabbatical year: I’m only making hats and scarves and working on different techniques. My goal is to make and give away 50 scarves for various organizations and 60 red baby hats for the American Heart Association.


Daphne Robinson

Daphne Robinson

Instagram: @CrochetMaven
Twitter:  @MavenCrochet 


Q: How did you get interested in (knitting, crocheting, crafting)? How did you learn?

When I was eight, I saw my uncle’s wife crocheting, I told my mother I wanted to learn, she asked my aunt what I needed and decades later, here I am.

Q: Who/What inspires you?

My favorite color is navy, but I like any shade of blue. I love looking at colors, especially ones that I wouldn’t necessarily wear. When I go places, museums, out for a walk or even watching tv, I look at colors and patterns then think of how I can use the color combinations or groupings in a scarf or afghan. Scarves are great because you can try out a different pattern and if it works well, it can easily transfer to an afghan.

Q: Favorite Premier Yarn, what do you love about it?

My favorite Premier Yarn? It’s hard to pick just one. For most projects I would say Premier Everyday, because of the variety of colors: solids, multis, and plaid. Everyday has a nice sheen, softness and is easy to use. Sweet Roll is a close second. Sweet Roll has a lot of fun bright, vibrant and whimsical color ways. Chicago winters can be brutal and many coats are dark colors, so it’s nice to make something that has a pop of color and gives the recipient a bit of joy.


Q: What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Crocheting is my favorite hobby, but I also make jewelry and enjoy outdoor photography. Reading is another favorite pastime. I prefer physical books, but I do like my Kindle so I can read and crochet in a coffee shop. I love music especially live music in small clubs, bars and outdoor venues. Mostly I go to classical concerts since I subscribe to the symphony and opera.

Q: What’s your favorite yarn project to make?

My favorite thing to make is a scarf, scarves are quick to make and after a few hours you have a finished project. It’s easy to convince someone to make a scarf to give to another person because the shaping for a hat can be intimidating. Scarves are forgiving. Besides, I’m a fan of one piece crocheting, I’ll join colors or skeins, but joining motifs is not for me.

Q: Where is your favorite place to crochet?

I don’t have just one favorite place to crochet. Currently, I have five projects in progress now - a baby hat that I started the other day during the intermission at a concert and several around my house. There’s a project bag in my desk drawer at work for lunch breaks and one that I keep at my parents’ house so I don’t have to bring a project when I visit. I crochet during lectures or while waiting, especially during intermissions. I enjoy going to my neighborhood coffee shop to read, crochet and drink a fancy coffee drink  (i.e. not my regular black coffee). I will crochet anywhere!

Q: Any tips?

There are enough yarns, patterns and projects to suit everyone. Some crocheters like using thread or lace weight yarn, others bulky. I have tried many different yarns and I’m a worsted/medium weight lover. For someone starting out - make what you want, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Keep practicing. Once you know the basics, feel free to try something different and make a pattern your own - change the color or weight of the yarn, add a border. Patterns are like recipes, once you know how to read them, and know your own tastes, you can customize them. Talk to other people who create with yarn to see which yarns and hooks they like. Crocheters can learn from knitters and knitters can learn from crocheters for joining techniques as well as reviews of yarn and tools. Most importantly - have fun!