Tutorial: “Soot Sprites”

by Rae Blackledge

I decided to dress up as Totoro for our employee Halloween party this year, of course, I needed to add in a little handmade touch to my costume.

Our Faux Fur Pom Poms were the perfect answer to add in a whimsical extra touch from the film. A few minutes of crafting let me create a handful of Soot Sprites, a must have for any Totoro costume.


Needed Supplies:

“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Supplies


  • Cut an elongated oval out of the felt for the first eye.
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 1

  • Place the first eye back on the felt and cut around it for the second eye.
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 2
  • Lay them out so they are mirror images of each other.
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 3

  • Fold and cut a small slit in each eye for the back of the button to poke through. Before cutting it’s a good idea to play with the placement of where you want your buttons to sit, this is where your sprite will get his expression from. 
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 4
  • Insert the buttons through the slits.
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 4b
  • Place your Pom Pom with the attached ties against the table. Spread open the fur to get a smooth spot where you want your eyes to attach.
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 5
  • Place a generous amount of tacky glue to the back of the eye, centered on the back of the button.

  • Press the eye onto the Pom Pom.
“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 8
  • Repeat for the 2nd Let the Pom Pom sit undisturbed for about an hour to allow the glue to set up.

“Soot Sprites” Tutorial - Step 9

Optional – attach pin to Pom Pom so you can pin it onto a costume.

  • Use the 2 ties that come attached at the bottom of the Pom Pom to attach a 2-hold bar pin back. Thread a tie through each hole and knot several times. Cut off leaving ties about an inch long.



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