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Quick Halloween Project - Pom Pom Eyeballs in Deborah Norville™ Everyday®

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Are you ready for Halloween yet? There's still time to make these spooky eyeball pom-poms. All you need is a pom-pom maker and some of our best selling Deborah Norville™ Everyday® Soft Worsted Yarn!

Here are the colors we used:
Pupil: 100-12 Black
Iris: 100-09 Royal Blue, 100-16 Kiwi, 100-17 Azure, and 100-22 Bittersweet
Sclera: 100-07 Really Red & 100-01 Snow White

The pom-pom maker shown in these photos is made by Clover, and it makes the entire process quick and easy. We used the 1 5/8" size.

Step 1: Wrap black yarn around the center of one side of the pom pom maker approximately 6 times for pupil.

Step 2: Wrap the iris color around the pom pom maker until the black yarn is covered with approximately 2 layers of yarn.

Step 3: Wrap the white yarn around the iris color. Keep this layer thin - it's OK if the iris color peeks through a bit.

Step 4: Wrap the red yarn over the white in 3 to 4 spots to make "bloodshot" stripes.

Step 5: Wrap with white yarn until that side of the pom pom maker is full. Wrap the other side of the pom pom maker until it is full, using white yarn only.

Step 6: Use sharp scissors to cut yarn around groove of pom pom maker. Tie off with white yarn.

Step 7: Trim pom pom until it's a smooth and even orb.

Make several eyeballs to create the perfect creepy table setting! Try varying the size and iris color.

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