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Playing With Plaid

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Plaid is a pattern created when stripes of color cross each other at right angles. Premier Yarns® Sweet Roll™ is dyed to make stripes as you knit. With the yarn making the horizontal stripes for you, all you have to do is add the verticals to get plaid!

Our Plaid Baby Blanket requires only basic knitting skills. 

In this post, I’ll take you step by step through adding vertical stripes to your blanket by weaving yarn through your knitting. 

 For best results, each color stripe in your blanket should be approximately the same width. This means starting with a full color section, not a partial section. Wind off yarn at the beginning of your ball until you get to the first color change. Cut the yarn at the color change and start casting on with the second color. Save the yarn you wound off – you’ll use it later.

When you are coming to the end of your ball, stop knitting at the last color change. Wind off yarn from your second ball until you come to the same spot in the color sequence, join the new ball, and continue knitting. Again, save the yarn you wound off at the end of the first ball and the beginning of the second ball.

Follow this same procedure for each new ball of yarn, or if you happen to find a knot in your yarn that interrupts the color sequence.

When you’ve finished knitting, you’ll have a striped stockinette stitch blanket with narrow vertical panels of seed stitch.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve made a miniature version using Sweet Roll in one of our new colors, Bubble Pop. If you’re loving this pink, gray and white combination as much as I am, hop on over and pick up a few balls for yourself. You’ll need 5 to make the full-sized blanket.

Using the yarn you wound off when joining new balls of yarn, cut strands of yarn 2 yards long as directed in the pattern. Thread 2 strands of yarn in your tapestry needle. A large-eyed, blunt tapestry needle will work best.

With the Right Side of the blanket facing you, starting right at the cast-on edge, weave your needle under each purl bump along one column of stitches in a seed stitch panel. 

Keep going, sliding the needle under each bump and pulling the yarn through, until you get to the bound off edge.

Be sure to leave tails at least 8” long at both the beginning and end of your row of weaving.

Thread 2 more strands on your needle and, starting back at the cast-on edge, weave under the bumps in the next column of stitches. 

Each vertical stripe is made with 3 rows of weaving.

Continue weaving through each seed stitch panel, changing colors as shown in the photo. Don’t forget to leave long tails hanging at the beginning and end of each row of weaving. 

When all the weaving is complete, give your blanket a gentle lengthwise tug to stretch it along the weaving lines. Stretch gently and evenly across the entire width of the blanket. This will counteract the tendency of the blanket to gather up while you’re weaving, and will settle the woven yarn into place.

At each end of each stripe, you’ll have 6 yarn tails. Tie these tails in an overhand knot, and snug the knot up against the edge of the blanket. 

Tie all the knots along one edge, then turn the blanket and tie the knots along the other edge, stretching the blanket again if it looks like it needs it.

When all the ends are knotted, you’ll have little tassels at each end of each stripe. Trim these tassels to a consistent length.

I hope you decide to give this pattern a try. If you do, please post a photo of your finished blanket on our Facebook page. I can’t wait to see how this blanket looks in all the new colors of Sweet Roll!

- Sandi Rosner

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