Pink Yarn Project: Knots of Love

Until October 31st Premier® Yarns will donate 1 skein of yarn* for every 1 pink skein purchased  on in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month as part of the Pink Yarn Project. For more information visit: Pink Yarn Project

We are working with two great charities who will use our yarn to create chemo caps and blankets for those undergoing chemotherapy. Neither of these companies charge for their products -  they are all 100% free for patients. 

We wanted to ask a few questions to help our customers become better acquainted with the organizations.Our second organization is Knots of Love. 

Knots of Love provides hand-knit and crochet caps for those struggling with treatment-induced hair loss and tiny Neonatal blankets for fragile new lives in incubators. They are a network of passionate and caring volunteers who tirelessly make and ship caps all over the country.

Q: Tell us about your mission.

A: Our mission at Knots of Love is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing traumatic hair loss.  Our volunteers lovingly hand-knit and crochet caps for those struggling with treatment-induced hair loss and tiny Neonatal blankets for fragile new lives in incubators.  We want our caps and blankets to be a constant reminder to the patient and their loved ones that they are not alone.  Our creations are distributed free of charge to hospitals and treatment centers throughout the country. To date, we have given away 465,000 lovingly handmade knit and crocheted creations to cancer patients, Veterans and tiny blankets to families of fragile newborns in incubators - for free! 

We ship, deliver, give away more than 1,000 gifts of love every week.

Q: How was the charity started?

A: Knots of Love was founded in 2007. You can read our full origin story here.

Q: What handmade items do you donate? 


  • Hand-knit (not loomed), Hand-crocheted beanies for ages 2 to adult
  • Hand-knit (not loomed), Hand-crocheted Beanies for Veterans
  • Hand-knit (not loomed), Hand-crocheted PICC line bandage covers
  • Hand-knit (not loomed), Hand-crocheted Limb Huggers (for amputees - mainly for Veterans)

Q: Who makes your donations?

A: Makers all over the United States make the beanies and blankets from the comfort of their own homes, send them to the office in Costa Mesa, CA and we send them to more than 568 facilities throughout the United States.

Q:How many items have you donated?

A: Knots of Love has given away all Free of charge 465,000 handmade beanies and NICU blankets in 12 years. We are projected to reach 1/2 million in June of 2020.

Q: How can others get involved with you directly?

A: The process for donating beanies and or NICU blankets (18" x 24") is very simple:

  1. Using our approved yarn list, create a hand-made beanie or blanket. (There are many patterns on our web site, but use any pattern of your choice). 
  1. Using the submission form on our site, mail your caps or neonatal blankets to Costa Mesa, CA. The form enables us to keep track of the number of caps and or blankets you donate and let you know where they're sent. It also supplies the information needed for us to send you a tax-donation letter at the end of the year (upon your request).
  1. The submission form can be found and printed from our web site.


You can learn more about Knots of Love by visiting their website.

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