Maker Spotlight: Stephanie from Crochetverse

Here at Premier®, we love engaging with our makers to see their creations, learn more about who they are, and what inspires them. Our Maker Spotlight series highlights our makers and their passion for yarn. 

We are so excited to feature Stephanie from Crochetverse. You may have seen Stephanie's creations in People magazine or her handmade costumes that went viral during Halloween. Stephanie made two projects with Premier Yarns. See links to free patterns below as well as links to her website and social media!

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: My name is Stephanie Pokorny, sole designer of Crochetverse. I work to create unusual and colorful patterns and freehand pieces in crochet. My goal is to really show others how amazing the medium of crochet can be and fiber arts in general.

Q: What sort of costumes to you enjoy making most? How long does each take?

A: My costumes are always decided by my children! Each Halloween, they tell me what they would like to be and I work to create it for them. They are really part of the process and it has become a tradition we as a family look forward to each year. My favorites are always the last ones I made as I really try to push myself in my artform to do better that I did before. So, if you ask me what I will make next…that will be directed to my children and if you ask me my favorite, it will be the last I made!

Q: How did you get interested in crafting? How did you learn? 

A: I think I was born with a love of crafting. When other kids were going to the toy store, my grandma and grandpa would pick me up after school and we would go to the craft store. I learned crochet from my grandma when I was 16. She made small lapghan blankets for our local Veterans Hospital and I loved watching her so she taught me.

Q: Who/what inspires you?

A: I am inspired by my children, bright colorful characters, Halloween, imagination, dress up, the weird and the wild. I am also inspired by people who are masters at their craft, it pushes me to be the best I can be. I once heard someone say you have to work at your craft or handwork for at LEAST 20 years to be a master. I am working everyday to be the best I can be, it has been 20 years, but I am STILL learning with each project I make. I love that there is no end to learning and bettering yourself. 

Q: What other hobbies do you enjoy?

A: In all honesty, my family is my first hobby, everything I do is for them. Crochet is obviously up there and nearly all my free time goes to that. I also enjoy baking, cooking, and making sure I work to stay as healthy as I can to be the best mother, friend, wife, artist I can be. 

Q: What’s your favorite yarn project to make?

A: Hands down, without a doubt, costuming is my favorite thing to crochet. I also love garments, but costumes are light years above that.

Q: Where is your favorite place to knit?

A: My favorite place to crochet is either my couch or what I have dubbed the “yarn room”. I use a ton of colors so I have my stash in glass cases so I can see my colors and grab what I need easily. Having my yarn out in plain view and easy access I truly feel helped up my skill as I do not spend time digging in bins and forgetting what I have now and running to the store to buy it… again. Haha!

Q: Any tips?

A: When I get asked HOW did you learn to do that… My answer is really easy… Find patterns and designs from people who YOU think are out of this world amazing. Then make the things they write patterns for. It is such a learning experience to sit down and work from another person’s well written pattern, it gives you a little insight how their mind words and their crochet process. In addition, FIGHT your way through projects you think are above your skill level. If you get frustrated, put it down, but ALWAYS come back to it. In hand work the adage, practice makes perfect (or better yet, just YOUR perfect as it is never a competition) rings very true with me.


Instagram: @crochetverse

Twitter: @crochetverse



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