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Knitted Knockers with Premier® Cotton Fair™

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There are few of us whose lives have not been impacted by breast cancer. Whether a mother, a sister, a friend or yourself, we all know one or more people who have experienced this dreaded diagnosis.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And we should certainly take advantage of this reminder to do our monthly self-exams and schedule that mammogram we’ve been putting off. But we can also move beyond the pink ribbon to really help those who are dealing with breast cancer every month of the year. 

The Knitted Knockers Support Foundation is the center of a community of volunteer knitters and crocheters who make hand knit or crocheted breast prostheses. These prostheses are distributed through doctor’s offices and cancer centers around the country, as well as through individual orders which come in through the foundation’s website. The prosthetics are free of charge to the recipient.

How can you help? Knit a knocker (or a pair, or more). There are full guidelines and patterns at Connect with a local group of knocker makers. Or simply made knockers for someone you know who needs them.

Premier Cotton Fair has been tested by the Knitters Knockers Support Foundation and approved as suitable for use in making knitted knockers. But any soft, smooth, lightweight, washable yarn will do. For those of us who are healthy, making knockers can be an act of gratitude for our good fortune.

Don’t just think pink for October. Take care of yourself, and take action to help others.

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