Introducing Candy Shop!

We're just thrilled with the newest addition to our yarn collection - Candy Shop™

Candy Shop is a first cousin to our best-selling Sweet Roll™. Like Sweet Roll, it is a medium weight, 100% acrylic. Both Candy Shop and Sweet Roll come in a 140g cake-style ball. Both have 3 colors in each ball. The difference is in the construction. Sweet Roll is spun as a 4-ply yarn, then printed to make a regular pattern of broad, clearly defined stripes. Candy Shop is a 2-ply yarn. Each ply is printed separately before they are twisted together. Sometimes the colors line up, and sometimes they don't. This means the yarn shifts from solid color to barber-pole style marls almost at random. And every ball is different!

Take a look at these three balls of color 1057-05 Bubble Gum. They are all from the same dye lot.

What does this mean in the knitting? It means you'll still get stripes, but the stripe width will be irregular. The colors shift and blend unpredictably. You might get a section that is nearly all solid color, then a wide swath of marl.

We love the quality of surprise this yarn brings to our crafting. You'll want to keep on knitting or crocheting, just to see what happens next.

Take a look at the Mocha Ripple Scarf, knit in 1057-10 Caramel.

Now let's take away the model and the draping and just look at the fabric. This scarf took two balls of yarn. The thin solid white stripe in the middle of all that gray marks the spot where one ball ended and the other began. You can see that some sections are solid tan, gray or white, while others show a blend of the colors. You can also see the variation in the width of the stripes.

The Sky Shades Vest, knit in 1057-04 Razzle, is another good example.

See how the color bands don't match up on either side of the front? This piece took 4 balls to make, and they were very different.

Now, some people get a little uneasy if their clothes aren't symmetrical. This mismatch on the fronts of the vest might make them a little crazy. If you are one of these people, we understand. Sweet Roll might be a better choice for you.

But if you are someone who embraces serendipity, you're going to love Candy Shop as much as we do! Each ball contains 3 colors that work beautifully together, no matter how they combine. If you enjoy letting go of control and being surprised by your yarn, Candy Shop was made for you.

Candy Shop is on shelves now at A.C.Moore stores, and will be rolling out to craft stores across the country over the next couple of months. Of course, you can also find all the delicious flavors of Candy Shop HERE.


Really like the colors of this yarn and it works up great. Feels good going through my fingers.

linda berndt November 25, 2019

This is my second order of the Candy Shop yarn, I absolutely love this yarn! It has become my favorite yarn! It’s soft and so easy to crochet with it just glides across my hook! So far I’ve made two Afghans and soon will start a third!

Theresa Strickland October 14, 2019

I crochet shawls for Indiana Donor Network and their Threads of Compassion program. Shawls are made by volunteers and given to organ and tissue donor families. I have been doing these for over 6 years and have received many “Thank You’s” from the families. Each shawl is done with love and gives comfort to the people who receive them.

Sharron Clearwater August 27, 2019

I make a baby blanket with the Bubblegum Candy Shop Premier Yarn. It is wonderful. the pattern is Cozy Clusters Baby Blanket, found on the website I am giving them the credit for the pattern. It is very nice.

Brenda Hafshejani August 03, 2018

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