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Holiday Gift Guide for Knitters and Crocheters

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It's hard for non-crafters to choose gifts for those of us who knit and crochet. They're pretty sure we already have enough yarn (if only they knew!), and they want to give a gift we're sure to love.

You can make life easier for your friends and family by forwarding them a link to this handy Holiday Gift Guide for Knitters and Crocheters. You'll love receiving any (or all!) of the items on this list.

Yes, of course you already have yarn. But no crocheter or knitter ever has enough. We think D.I.Y Gradient Yarn makes a perfect gift! This easy-to-wrap box contains five 40 gram skeins of our top-of-the-line worsted weight anti-pilling acrylic yarn in colors shaded from dark to light. That's more than 350 yards of colorful fun! Make a striped hat or a baby sweater. Try a new stitch in a scarf or a cowl. With 8 color combinations to choose from, be sure the giver knows your favorite color. 

If not yarn, then what?

Every crafter needs tools. And using high-quality, well made tools will enhance every moment you spend with hook or needles in hand.

Deborah Norville knitting needles and crochet hooks are beautifully made out of wood - laminated birch, to be specific. The smooth finish and colorful wood grain will make every stitch a pleasure. Deborah Norville needles and hooks come in a variety of styles and a full range of sizes. For a real splurge, how about a set of interchangeable needles?

Small accessory tools are always welcome. Here are a few of our favorite new items:

Premier Yarns Repair Hooks are one of those items that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. Skillfully carved from birch wood, these tools have a hook on one end, and a point on the other. Packaged in a set of 3 in assorted sizes, these hooks come in handy for more than picking up dropped stitches.

A needle gauge is a tool you'll reach for every day. I have the Premier Yarns ruler needle gauge in every knitting bag. The magnifying ruler makes measuring gauge simple, and the calibrated holes along the other edge take the guesswork out of choosing the correct circular needle.

If you travel a lot, you know that finding a way to cut your yarn on an airplane is a challenge. Our circular yarn cutter is a convenient and attractive solution. Worn on a cord around your neck, it makes a pretty pendant. When the time comes to cut your yarn, simply pull it into one of the notches along the edge of the cutter. The circular blade inside will slice through the yarn easily, but won't cut your fingers.

If you work with bulky yarns, or simply struggle with threading your yarn through a tapestry needle, you'll love our Wool Needles. Instead of a standard eye, these lightweight aluminum needles have a loop of nylon mono filament at the end! It's easy to thread your yarn through the loop and stitch away. With the set of 3 different sizes, you'll have the right yarn needle for every project.

How about a present for my knitting group's gift exchange?

Knitters and crocheters often gather in groups. And games are always a popular group activity. Last Knitter Standing is the perfect game for knitting retreats, sip 'n stitch nights, or just a weekend away with your crafting buddies. Answer questions right and knit a few rows. Answer wrong and rip them out! At the end of the game, the knitter with the most rows is the winner! Last Knitter Standing makes a great stocking stuffer!

All of us at Premier Yarns wish you and your family a warm and joyful holiday season.




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