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Choosing Holiday Colors

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With so many colors in Premier Home® Cotton, it can be difficult to choose! Solid colors are always a safe bet, but what about Multis, Marls, and Glitz?

Home Cotton Multis are variegated yarns. That means that the color is printed on the yarn in short sections. When you knit or crochet with a multi, you’ll get small patches of color. Depending on your gauge and the length of your row or round, the colors may pool or stack to create interesting patterns. Our Holiday Dish Towel is made with Home Cotton Multi in color Holiday.

Home Cotton Marls give you a completely different look. All Premier Home Cotton yarns are 4-ply, meaning the yarn is composed of 4 thinner strands twisted together. With our Marl, each of these 4 strands is a different color!

In the case of Home Cotton Marl in color Holiday, the strands are White, Cranberry, Christmas Green and Sage. When you knit or crochet with a marl, you’ll get a consistent overall mix of color. Our Holiday Cup Cozies are made with Home Cotton Marl in color Holiday.


Home Cotton Glitz is for those who like just a touch of sparkle. A fine strand of metallic yarn is twisted together with solid Home Cotton. Don't worry - the metallic is not stiff  or scratchy against the skin. It simply adds a little twinkle to your project. The metallic doesn’t change the gauge of the yarn, and it can still be machine washed and dried. Our Snowflake Table Runner is made with Home Cotton Glitz in Silver White.

For all the Glitz colors, the names are simply descriptive – Silver White is White Home Cotton with a strand of Silver metallic. Red Gold is Cranberry Home Cotton with Gold metallic.

 We love mixing and matching colors from the different Home Cotton styles. Holiday Marl matches perfectly with Christmas Green. Holiday Multi is a natural partner for Cranberry. With so many options, you can easily add excitement to your knitting and crochet projects.

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